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01/07/2013: Offshore Tax Havens Should Plan For The End.

12/14/2012: Governments make new tax laws and people find new ways to avoid it.
12/04/2012: The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will not live up to expectations.
12/03/2012: High Tax Countries want more Tax Revenues Offshore.

11/26/2012: Treasury to crack down on UK's offshore tax havens.
11/16/2012: Moneysupermarket Tycoon Finds Britain Taxing.
11/15/2012: Starbucks and Amazon to Pay UK Taxes into Offshore Havens.
11/15/2012: Offshore tax probe comes to Spain.
11/13/2012: Corporate execs pushing for territorial system looking out for themselves.
11/09/2012: HMRC investigating new list of Britons with offshore accounts.
11/09/2012: Large corporations tax and the Caribbean.
11/07/2012: Swiss, Greeks aim for swift tax deal on offshore accounts.
11/05/2012: How Apple Avoids Paying Billions in Taxes.
11/04/2012: State school teachers employed by umbrella company.
11/01/2012: Tax haven property markets thrive as political scrutiny grows.
11/01/2012: George Bush is in Cayman Islands talking about tax haven investments.

10/30/2012: US-Panama trade deal goes into effect.
10/30/2012: Over 700 Kazakhstan companies are registered at British Virgin Islands.
10/29/2012: Changing tax rules force private bankers East.
10/22/2012: Nike, Microsoft and Apple admit to offshore tax shenanigans.
10/19/2012: Tax Avoidance, An Offshore Trustees View.
10/16/2012: Starbucks avoiding tax has a knock-on effect on homegrown business.
10/16/2012: Esure Tycoon May Quit Britain Amid Tax Debate.
10/15/2012: Singapore Fights Image as Tax Haven
10/12/2012: Norway tax havens in paradise cause significant problems.
10/12/2012: Mitt Romneys Tax Dodge.
10/11/2012: Pressure on offshore tax zones rises
10/11/2012: Offshore tax havens must go!
10/11/2012: Ex-UBS Client Roessel Avoids Prison in Offshore Tax Case
10/10/2012: Jersey: The richest offshore tax shelter of them all.
10/05/2012: 'Cultural Definition' To Determine UK Games Tax Relief.
10/03/2012: Big firms that avoid taxes are moochers, small companies say.
10/03/2012: Overseas Cash and the Tax Games Multinationals Play.
10/02/2012: Offshore tax gimmicks must end.
10/01/2012: Should I set up an offshore company?

09/28/2012: Tax Planning in Offshore Areas and Cyprus: 2013 Prospects
09/27/2012: Tax Relief Program Streamlines Reporting of Offshore Assets.
09/26/2012: I-Team: How We Started An Offshore Shell Company.
09/20/2012: Senate probe: Microsoft, HP avoid offshore taxes.